Speciality Coffee, what is it?
Speciality coffee is coffee that has scored highly when tested to an industry standard. This then separates it from commodity coffee, commodity coffee is far different to speciality coffee which lacks the quality and tastes that speciality coffee offers.

With speciality coffee there is a lot of work and science put in to how it is farmed, harvested, processed, roasted and in its ‘last yard’ brewed. Each stage from growing the bean to brewing a coffee, requires knowledge, precision and skill so that the quality of your cup is the best that the bean can offer. At Rustic Cup we use quality speciality coffee, it has been carefully nurtured along its life and it is up to our baristas in the coffees ‘last yard’ to produce a beautiful tasting cup (of coffee) for you.

Coffee at Rustic Cup
After lots of research and tasting we came across a family roastery in North Shields with Australian and Geordie roots, we were blown away. Our house espresso blend from Baristocracy is a blend of different beans that, on their own each give different flavours and characteristics, when blended together it gives the perfectly smooth and balanced cup that can be enjoyed throughout the day and late into the evening.